Page content extending beyond visible window is not included in printed output

paulsterling commented

Do you have a suggested solution for the issue where not all of the text rendered in the page is included in the printed (to Pdf) output. This may not be a Blazor/Blazorise specific issue of course, so really just looking for some ideas.

In this case the page is a simple layout using all Blazorise components with a wasm app:
Layout > Row > Column > Card > Table

As you see in the attached screen shot the page is rendered as expected, but any content that continues below the visible window is not included with a print command - I've tried with the native Windows print, Chrome browser print, and using JsInterop to invoke window.print - the result is the same.

mladenmacanovic commented

I really can't tell, other than trying to find a JS library that could render the non-visible part of the container.

FYI, while it may night help you now, we are at the moment creating a new PdvViewer component. So once done it would be a lot easier to use.

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