Nested Dropdowns malfunctioning

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We didn't have the mentioned issues scheduled for work at the moment. New release is coming soon so we'll try to make them if possible.

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Just a quick note. I was able to to fix but since it could potentially break some people projects instead of going with v0.9.3 I will make it part of v0.9.4 release.

As a workaround you can fix it by applying CSS

.b-layout-header-fixed {
    position: fixed;
    z-index: 1;
    width: 100%;
    flex: 0;

    .b-layout-header-fixed + .b-layout-content {
        margin-top: var(--b-bar-horizontal-height, auto);
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I have tried to handle #1559 but with out current implementation there is no way to fix. It is the same problem as we already have for other closable component.

I have opened new tracking ticket and it will be part of the next 0.9.5 milestone,

mladenmacanovic commented

The problem is now solved in v095 that is going to be released on Nov 15th.

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