Data Grid With Scroll Bars

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Hi, Do you have a data grid control similar SyncFusion that supports both horizontal and vertical scrollbars? This is a very critical for any decent business/commerical application. Please comment.

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Hello @sumanthcp
DataGrid has various Parameters that allow you to customize it. While by default it does not provide the features you mention, you may configure it.

For the Horizontal Bar, you may set the Datagrid Response Parameter to true.
For example the Datagrid in our demo :
is set to Responsive. If there isn't enough space on the screen for all the columns, an horizontal bar will show up. (Try resizing the browser window)

For the Vertical Bar, you have two options.
You may set the FixedHeader parameter to true, as shown in our docs, the FixedHeader feature.
Optionally we have the Virtualize functionality which also brings in a vertical scroll bar due to the nature of this functionality.
Docs: (Last example)

Let us know if this is what you are looking for.

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Thanks for detailed response. I have about 20 columns of data to display and I would like to display these without the columns getting squished using horizontal scroll bars. Do you have an example at all, please?

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Hello @sumanthcp
Sorry for the late response. Have you tried the Responsive setting?

We have an example here :

If you reduce the size of the window enough, it will set up an horizontal bar to help navigate the grid data horizontally.
Just let us know if you need any help with this!

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